The transformation is complete. Modere is now worldwide.

While there is still plenty of room to grow, our goal of 10 million healthy homes worldwide is a step closer to fruition with the brand now fully active in all countries where we had historical roots.

Of course, you can readily check out the Modere websites from around the globe.

Along with the Australian and New Zealand sites that our Australasian Social Marketers are so familiar with, here’s a list of the Modere sites globally.

Modere USA

Modere Japan

Modere Korea

Modere Europe

Modere Hong Kong

Modere Taiwan

Three new markets went live yesterday on 1 December!

Modere Malaysia

Modere Singapore

Modere Thailand (Website to be launched 15 January 2016)

Of course we’re not about to start resting on our laurels and Modere will expand into other markets as part of both the planned and organic growth of the company and the brand. The Modere Global Seamless program provides the opportunity for you to build a business by attracting Customers and Social Marketers in the established and new markets.

So when we say our ‘Live Clean’ message resonates with people around the world, we really mean it!